Barnsley Transport Interchange

This complex city centre scheme to improve the bus and railway stations in Barnsley incorporated section 278 works as well as infrastructure works, and was programmed over 2 years. The ability to phase complex projects and continually plan ahead was required as the works were divided into 3 phases: phase 1 comprised the demolition of the existing bus station and the construction of new Interchange Way, including a 40,000 tonne muckshift and 2 new signalised traffic junctions (one adjacent to a live level crossing). Phase 2 incorporated section 278 works around the new bus terminal including 2 retaining walls, 2 further signalised junctions, a road realignment and paving works. Phase 3 required the removal of the temporary bus facility and conversion of Interchange Way to adopted highway status. Despite the complexity of the job, the project was a great success thanks to the effective communication between all stakeholders through regular team meetings, the use of extensive temporary works for traffic and pedestrian management, and the handover of all 3 phases on time. The high quality work produced by Schofield Contracting meant that minimal snagging was required at the end of the 26 month project.