Connecting Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme

Connecting Leeds, in partnership with Leeds City Council, initiated the Public Transport Investment Programme in a bid to reduce climate change and improve the health and wellbeing of Leeds residents. Achieving this has required overhauling road layouts and public transportation systems to make walking, cycling, and public transport easier and safer.

In 2020-2021 we completed a 10-month project revamping several of the city’s busiest streets as part of the LPTIP. Our comprehensive works package involved significant Section 278 and public realm works around the Headrow, Infirmary St, Park Row and Cookridge St.

Our extensive work created wider footpaths, safer pedestrian crossings, and an urban public realm area with outdoor seating around Cookridge Street, dramatically improving the pedestrian experience in some of Leeds’ key shopping and business areas.

In total we installed over 13,500m² of paving in Leeds city centre, covering an area over twice the size of the playing area at Wembley Stadium.

We also undertook other street works to reduce congestion and other known traffic issues, allowing public transport to run more efficiently and providing better access for pedestrians and cyclists.